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Band originator, flutist, vocalist, and tea drinker Polly Moller has a hard time resisting potatoes in all their myriad forms.  Aloo tikki, gnocchi, latkes, tattie scones, the classic oven-roasted kind with garlic and rosemary, hash browns, jacket potatoes, and even French fries (alas) are subjects of her fantasy and objects of her desire.  She does not like bugs with stingers at all, but the composing bug bit her in the early 90s, after she finished up degrees in flute performance and 20th century performance practice, with an emphasis on multiphonics in the Western art tradition.  When composing for ensembles of other people and things, she makes sound-art rituals based on natural phenomena and the occult.  When composing for Reconnaissance Fly, she has difficulty keeping a piece the way she originally heard it.  The gypsy jazz piece can (and did) end up as a Scarlatti pet food commercial from another dimension. Her WordFeud stats against bandmate Tim currently stand at 8 wins to 117 losses.

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