• clarinet
  • bass clarinet
  • soprano saxophone
  • tenor saxophone

The oldest son of ‘30’s (small c) communists, Rich grew up in an atmosphere of government harassment, social ostracism and a kind of “religious” disdain for “the authorities.” Later rejected for the Vietnam draft “for reasons of national security,” and despite an Ivy League education, he could not find work—so he turned to his childhood love: music.

After a brief, but successful, career in San Diego, Philadelphia and New York, he decided the non-musical side of the music “business” wasn’t for him, so he got a factory job working on aircraft components for a large airline.

Retiring early, he resumed his musical activities, supplementing his small pension with part-time work building bicycle wheels.

Some of his heroes are (in this order): John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Che Guevara, Thich Nat Han. Lance Armstrong is NOT one of his heroes.

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