Tacos Jalisco
Posted by: Polly Moller 10 years, 5 months ago

Studio Faire la Nouba in Vallejo, California is home to Reconnaissance Fly's recording sessions for their debut album, Flower Futures. Drive a short distance from Studio Faire la Nouba and you'll arrive at Tacos Jalisco:

Tacos Jalisco

Only rarely have we begun a recording day WITHOUT getting lunch first at Tacos Jalisco. We are truly a band fueled by burritos. I always get either the regular veggie burrito or the veggie plate. Unfortunately you won't find either item on the web page menu. It looks like the web menu is really old. Tim and Larry tend to have tacos. I can't remember what Chris and Amar's favorites are? Guys? Comment?

I like it best when they are playing footie (soccer) matches on the big screen. Less appetizing is when they show us Ultimate Fighting bouts. Smears of blood on the mat, etc. I usually sit with my back to the big screen when they do that. I hope there wasn't some employee who turned it on on purpose when they saw us coming, since we were coming in really regularly.

Once I was kind of blindly following Tim's car in my car and he turned in to some other parking lot too soon and I followed him and I suddenly snapped out of my heat-exhaustion (summer in Vallejo) reverie to wonder what the heck was going on? Tim and Larry in the car ahead of us turned around and sheepishly got back on the road. I guess they were heat-hypnotized as well.

Those are my Tacos Jalisco recollections for now.

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